Scale + Speed = The Need for DevOps

More machines equal more problems.  In today’s hyperscaled environment where our operational staff support hundreds or even thousands of physical and virtual machines, the opportunity for problems at the hardware layer are both obvious and substantial. Additionally, pressure to produce increasingly robust software at a faster pace than ever imagined tends to break software. That is, constant pressure on technology staff to deliver better, faster and more robust software at breakneck speed often leads to mistakes and shortcuts, which of course result, sooner or later, in broken software.  When combined, these two factors, scale and speed, tend to break, well, EVERYTHING. Business competitive edge often depends on our ability to support both ever increasing scale and unrelenting pressure to deliver better software at a faster pace.

Adapted from…

Edberg, J. (n.d.). DevNation 2014 – Jeremy Edberg – How Netflix Uses DevOps for Reliability and Developer Velocity [Video file]. Retrieved from


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